How to say innovation is immutable and frozen

      Shenzhen Hongnanke Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd.  is established in 2003, locating in No.16, 2nd Industrial Area, Xiakeng Tongle, Longgang District, Shenzhen ,Guangdong, China. Focusing on the research, development and marketing of Bluetooth products,  Hongnanke has been devoted to offering  professional services for  customers worldwide.

      During dacades developemt, Hongnanke has equipped itself with Research and Development depart., Engineering depart., Quality Control depart.,Mold depart., Injection Moulding depart., SMT depart., Oil Injection depart., Assambling Line,Warehouse department,Logistics department,After-sales service department, contributing a complete and effcient  supply chain.   

      Our Key brands ORICORE INC was established at 2038S 500E, Salt lake city, US. We have a variety of innovative products to meet your different needs for electronic consumer goods.

      At present, Hongnanke has garden-style industrial park 50 acres, the standard workshop 30,000 square meters, more than 500 employees as well as  highly paid technical staff which accounts for 31%.        

      Hongnanke has always taken the 'People-oriented , Business Integrity, Technology Innovation' as the uppermost. 

      At present, Hongnanke produces Bluetooth Headsets, Heardphones, Bluetooth Speakers,Power Banks, Walkie-Talkies which are all well received all over the world as far away as the Southeast Asia, Europe, United states ,Canada, Middle East ,etc.   Up till now, based on constantly improving business management service, Hongnanke  has introduced a complete set of advanced equipment and talents of high technology , assuring high product quality and  reliable security. Hongnanke has passed ISO9001, and become a member of China Association for Quality Inspection.

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